Monday, 6 September 2010


After encouragement from Melissa, I have decided to keep an online collation of some of my work--my thoughts and rantings--as a way of both giving myself further leave to write and to open myself up to outside criticism. I hope that it will not be as painful an exercise as is normally the case when one opens oneself up to being possibly lampooned by ones peers. However, if it things do go south, I shall have the comfort of knowing that my worth does not come from the work of my hands, nor the fruit of my mind, nor from the praise of men--rather it comes from God Almighty, Lord and Maker of heaven and earth. For this I am very grateful.

Although content on this blog will invariably be archived chronologically, in no way does this indicate any intention to present thoughts/ramblings/rantings in a systematic or sequential manner. Although the aim of this blog is to get me writing more often, I tend to think topically as the muse takes me. At any rate, anything published here will be drawn from my own private collection of musings, such that not everything I think about will appear here. At least, that is the current intention.


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