Thursday, 15 September 2011

The distance between 9 and 11 is short, right?

Technically I'm still buried under a mass of assignments, so this'll have to be short, but I felt that the principle of 'making time if you're serious about something' I mentioned yesterday applies here too.

I noticed today was 15/IX/2011 and my first thought was "It's September. That makes it, what, four days after the 11th?". Groundbreaking stuff I know, but I guess it makes a statement about how much impact the events of 9/11 had on the rest of the world [i.e. Australia (and more to the point, me)] when you consider that over ten years later it came to mind simply because I noticed it was September (not something that happens regularly as me and months have an indifferent relationship and anyhow, September accounts for only 1/12 of the year. What? I don't have a head for dates! Gimme a break!).

Coming to the point of this post (I can already feel my mind starting to whir & click and if I'm not careful this'll become another accidental monster write up, so getting to the point. Soon. I promise. Eventually...), I read a post recently (Sept. 12) on Del Tackett's Truth Observed blog where he discussed something that comes up occasionally, briefly, right before the PC brigade swoop in to chastise the bigoted hack who dares question the wisdom that is postmodern subjectiveness - i.e. he talked about Islam.

As stated earlier, I honestly don't have time to pull apart the sticky, prickly, laser-mine covered issue that is Islam right now; so instead I'll just wonder aloud. If Islam is fundamentally incompatible with Western culture (both the Judo-Christian and the more laissez-faire aspects), as I am convinced it is (I'll explain some other time), then:
  1. What is the endgame scenario for an increasingly globalised world? Will Islam stay, go, or morph into something new?
  2. If it becomes widely recognised that for practical and ideological purposes the West and Islam cannot co-exist, will postmodernism take a fatal blow?
I'm not trying to fear-monger, I'm not attempting to incite nasty things towards Muslims, and I'm definitely not suggesting that my analysis is flawless. I just feel that these questions (or others like them) need to be asked - and answered satisfactorily.

Ha! See? I can do short posts! :p

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