Thursday, 20 October 2011

The present task

The present task set us must remain at our mind's fore; for while dreams are golden, if we are apprehended or detained on account of failing our present duties then our dreams will (always) remain merely that - dreams.

I've been caught out again by my own optimism in the face of an avalanche of assessment. There are, currently, no less than 13 (!) draft posts for this blog. All have been worked on within the last month, but none are finished. I'd be disheartened - I was disheartened - but then this morning the words at the beginning of this post came to mind and (as so often happens when Providence grants us an epiphany) my outlook on a number of fundamental things (at least, I had thought them fundamental) changed. Much of what I grasped in that moment of clarity has faded or been lost in part (I'm not worried. It's the way of such things and when the time is right those previous revelations will make themselves known once again). One thing, however, that has stuck with me is that I'll not worry if I fail at getting many, or even most, things right (including, but not limited to getting blog post out on time). Just so long as I succeed at life - those present tasks set before me - I'll be alright. And dreams - though immediate duty seems to set them back unrightly - will (always) remain, quietly, within my grasp.

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