Friday, 9 March 2012

Philosophy of schema

[Taking a break from readings]

I've been wondering about the nature of philosophy lately; trying to determine it's form and function. Thinking about it, I guess doing what I'm doing falls into the category of 'meta-philosophy'. Hmm. Interesting.

Anywhom, here's what I've come up with so far:
As we think, so we attempt to act. Philosophy then is a mode of thinking whereby we contemplate the world in a certain light and then strive to live by that light.
If philosophy effectively takes the form of a schema used to organise and filter experience, then an application of the rule of truth (i.e. anything truthful, if studied enough, eventually leads to God) would suggest that there is an ideal schema or 'habit of mind' for the Christian walk.

Not a lot, I know; but it raises in my mind the question of whether a Christian schema formally exists? If so it would have to conform not only with how Jesus operated on Earth, but with how God's character is portrayed in the rest of the Bible as well--such that someone using the schema would find themselves actually following after Christ's likeness, rather than wandering off somewhere else (i.e. down the road labeled 'heterodoxy').

Another question that leads from the first: if said schema doesn't exist, would it be worth attempting to create one?


  1. I've always taken Philosophy as the axioms on which we base life - what are the unprovable assumptions on which you build your understanding of the world? This also fits with your conclusions

    1. Axioms has generally been my preferred tool for pulling apart an idea to examin its inner workings (i.e. engaging in philosophical wranglings). When I was actively trying to construct a formal mode/method of thinking philosophically (something I called Critical Systemic Analysis) explicitly naming and vetting axioms formed the linch-pin of the whole business. It's now on the backburner, but one of these days I may get it out and start tinkering with it again.. :)

  2. As you know, every 4 years I take a deep look at my axioms with a special emphasis on how they relate to politics so I understand both the quest and the back burner


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