Thursday, 5 April 2012


My last post was about life requiring more 'work' than I feel is often indicated by much of the world. I finished up by saying "if only someone would teach me how to do the hard stuff". Well, I've been dwelling on that during my quiet-times lately and then last week I actually found someone to help me along the road.

Speaking to my "Mathematics: Learning and Teaching 1" lecturer, I mentioned my inability to actually settle down and focus - how even when I desperately wanted to work, I found myself unable to. She suggested I try using a blank timetable that I filled in as the day progressed, hour-by-hour, with those things that I'd managed to accomplish during the past 60 minutes (and only those things I'd achieved - trying to make it a positive experience!). She said she'd found it effective (over the past 30 years of teaching) when she had students who had (or she suspected had) ADHD.

Growing up there was a notion that I may be somewhat ADHD, and while that's never been confirmed one way or the other, so far trying my lecture's suggestion seems to be yielding results. While I tend to find strict timetables overly confining, the freedom to work at my own pace (and the challenge of trying to have something good/productive to fill each hour in with) is, well, good.

Of course, I still get distracted (classic case being me spending an hour researching Aspergers in the middle of writing this post!), but I think, I hope that this is a way forward for me.

In the best way possible: we'll see...