Sunday, 24 June 2012

A change in direction

So, I've dropped out of uni.

There are a variety of reasons why this is so (some of which I will not go into here), but two major reasons are as follows:
  1. Over the past 4 years of study I've experienced a growing disquiet with how education is managed in Australia (and, for that matter, much of the rest of the world). I've known for a long time that the methods of most educational institutions leave a lot to be desired and for years it was a driving goal of mine to change the status quo first chance I got. But it's only recently that the other shoe has dropped and I've finally come to terms with the sorry truth: they [being those who run the whole education scene] wouldn't change for the better--even if they could (which I doubt anyway). To cut a long story of me raging at the educative establishment short: I decided I don't want to be banging my head against a brick wall for the next 10+ years of my life.
  2. Way back in December, while visiting my wife's lovely family, I got to participate in a blacksmithing workshop entitled A Taste of Blacksmithing run by the excellent Carl West of Prospect Hill Forge. I loved it. Everything from managing the fire's heat to deciding exactly how I wanted my S-hook to look, to the mediative nature of beating hot iron seemed good and right and natural. After the workshop I was told that I seemed to have some natural flair for the craft. Fast forward half a year and I find myself contemplating the idea of becoming a blacksmith with no small joy and (comparatively) considering being a 'Teacher' as my daily occupation with resignation. Not that I don't enjoy teaching (I do), but the thought of working in the systems set up for teachers gives me an overwhelming UGH! feeling
At this present time I'm looking for work and investigating how one might become a blacksmith without leaving Canberra (if that's at all possible--we'll see). It's a crazy jump to the left, step to the right, and I'm not entirely sure where things will end up; but I'm excited to be on a new road--one that will (however it turns out) be invariably better than the one I've left behind.



  1. Interesting.
    I with you the best in the pursuit of your passion.

  2. While it would be nice for you to have *some* sort of a degree ... It's clear that you are making a well thought out choice. Wish you and Mel the best in your new adventures.

  3. Thanks for thinking we're lovely ;)

    I hope this works out, because I can certainly see you and Melissa enjoying a relatively self-sufficient lifestyle where you don't have to fit in with anybody's ideas of "normal" or "socially useful" behavior. I think you've got a good head on your shoulders and a good sense of yourself, so if this makes you happy and you can make a living at it I say Срећно!


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