Sunday, 24 June 2012

A venture into screenwriting

My all-time favourite computer game, King Arthur's Gold (KAG for short), has provided me with an intriguing opportunity: working with my brother Toby (as co-produces/directors/writer/etc.) for a web mini-series based off of a group of 'average' KAG players (like RvB it'll be done in-game).

Currently we're looking to get the technical/logistical side of this straightened out, but I've already got the kernels for 17 episodes nutted out. We'll be starting with short runs leaning towards the gag-of-the-week side of things, but hopefully as we get a feel for things we may be able to branch out into some actual story arcs. This is my first attempt at anything like this (I've written loads of stuff for textual consumption, and I've done a decade of drama, but not anything tv-esque) so I get the feeling it's going to be a huge learning curve--here's hoping I have something decent to show for it!

I'll probably post up episodes as we finish them.

Okay, it's 3:40 pm and Imma ready for breakfast. Current TODO list for the web series:
  1. Flesh out the first episode's script, making sure the jokes aren't totally lame.
  2. Poke Toby about getting his KAG server up and running so we have somewhere to film.
  3. Recruit some friends to be hapless extras.


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