Tuesday, 17 September 2013

A prayer for Egypt & Syria

Lord, I bring Egypt & Syria before you. Terrible things are happening to their people, atrocities, bloodshed, rampant violence & killings. Sitting here, half the world away, there's little I can do physically apart from fret, frown, and sign petitions asking those in a position to intervene to do so. But I can pray.

Father, I pray for the peoples of Egypt & Syria. I ask that the violence be quelled, that anger & hatred be replaced by hearing ears & hearts, that strife give way to dialogue, that war lose to peace, that love triumph over fear.

I especially pray, Father, for your people in Egypt & Syria. I glean only snatches of the situations in those countries from what I read but what I do hear, time and again, is that your people, Christians, are suffering.

Lord, let the ambitions of those who persecute your Church be laid bare. Would that the world would come to see the evil & diabolical nature of those who kill, kidnap, and terrorise Christians on account of their faith. Abba, let the perpetrators of abducted child brides, of forced conversions to Islam, of lynching, of rapes of murders, of brutalisations, of wanton destruction & pillaging --of all these things and more-- let them bring themselves to destruction through their actions. As the psalms have it: Lord, let them perish and be heard on the face of the earth no more.

Comfort, comfort these people, Lord, my Father & King. Pour out your mercy and your grace as a balm on the hurt, worn, and weary inhabitants of Egypt & Syria. From you flows life and health and safety; may these peoples, torn as they are, drink deeply from your well and find rest in your peace.


I don't know what else I can do, Lord, to help bring these wars to an end. But I pray that I will be watchful in my own land, that things do not go the same way. I would that I may always speak out for truth; that I may never find comfort in hatred; that I may always thirst for justice, mercy, and the good. And most importantly, Lord (before anything else), may I always. Always. Seek after you.

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