Monday, 24 February 2014

Tough one

Obviously this isn't Friday. Less obviously this isn't the blog post I had planned. The current idea is that the post I'd intended for this Friday past I'll put up this Friday coming. I'm kinda excited (in a morbid fashion) about getting to writing that post because it, unintentionally, actually contains the reason I didn't end up writing/posting it. I'd say more, but then I'd be making that post now instead of the post I'm actually going to make. I hope that wasn't too confusing to follow; it all made sense inside my head...

A friend shared the above picture on FB last night and after dithering as to whether I should comment or not I posted the following:

No argument here. But the question that keeps coming back to my mind is: "Is it okay to force those who do not follow Christ to abide by His creed?" ('cos that's kinda what we're doing, using our country's laws to forbid a certain activity on the basis of it not being in line with the Bible [yes some other, secular, reasons are often given too, but let's be honest-- the scriptural argument is the big motivator])
The question doesn't keep coming back because I don't know the answer (1 Corinthians 5:9-12 is pretty clear on whether we should hold non-Christians to a Christian standard); instead it's because every time I get asked to pick a side "Well, are you for or against same-sex marriage? Come on! Choose!" I am forced to revisit the issue and wonder how I can explain my strong opposition to the idea/practice of same-sex marriage while also explaining that I am equally strongly opposed to requiring (by law, no less) that non-believers toe the line as set out by the Word.
There is a great tendency to become polarised to one end of the spectrum or the other. I don't really want to cop-out and say "I abstain", but that just brings m back to the choice: "Yes, or No?". It's tough. Maybe I'll just be in Antarctica and out of contact when the time comes. :L

On reflection I realise I've actually held this kind of view for quite a long time, but rarely articulated it. Whether it's because of the pro-gay lobby (don't know which is worse tbh, getting bashed/flamed, or being given pitying looks that seem to say "Poor guy, being so brainwashed. It must be a hard way to live hating the idea of other people, who never did him any harm, being happy. How could anyone get to be so hate-filled and backwards? etc. etc." or because of the Christian lobby side of things (the choices for censure being: reproved for 'backsliding', getting bashed/flamed even harder by the ultra liberals [for 'not being loving' >_>], or a host of other reactions that all boil down to the phrase "Christianity; you're doing it wrong") either way I've censored myself.

That's about as far as my thought processes have gone, that I've unknowingly put myself on mute, and tbh I don't know if there's much more I can wring out of that realisation; but if nothing else, I guess this post here marks for the record where I stand: No I don't agree with one side, no I don't agree with the other side, yes I guess they'll probably both try to stone me now.

Typical, really.

Try to put your best foot forward only to find there's an anti-tank mine 6cm below...


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