Thursday, 17 July 2014

"Form and its Usurpers", by Brendan Vance

I've been sharing this post by Brendan Vance pretty much every, but I feel I would be amiss if I didn't share it here too. It's a long read (and has two earlier articles that lend it some context), but I'm all kinds of serious when I tell you that this might be one of the more important pieces you'll read this, well, forever!

I'm dead serious.

You've probably all felt from time to time like FB, et al. have been screwing you over, but I doubt you've been able to put it in words you could articulate intelligibly to another person. Well, Mr. Vance has been, gone, done the cogitative leg-work for you and his post (essay, really)  is the result.


Read it now.

If it makes your head hurt then go take a break from your screen before coming back to finish it. I can barely believe how much noise I'm making about this essay, but I'm also dead certain that it's completely worth it.

Go now.

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