Saturday, 14 March 2015

African Dispora

Been studying an English unit this semester called African Dispora; which basically looks at ideas of Africa, dispora, and a shared "African Imagination" that results in a genre of textual works that seem to ignore a lot of the rules of thumb regarding genres, etc.

Something that was raised in a tute by another student was the idea of "African video games". Or rather, she wondered aloud how one might go about making a game about being a slave captured and taken from Africa to the Caribbean; I, otoh, was less fussed by a single game and more struck with the realisation that, while I've never been an obsessive observer of games' origins, I've never really seen a vidya game that I could (having just spent the last two weeks brushing up on my terminology) I could happily include as an outworking of the African dispora.

I'm wondering if The Journey Down might qualify; but I confess I haven't played it, so can't really say. Not really aware of any other potential candidates, although that means little given my surprime ignorance to the wider game-scene.

Been pondering whether the lack of "African" games might be due in part to a similar effect as played out in film where it was only as the medium matured that non-generic, Western views and understandings began to be explored. Dunno though--not an informed opinion; just some rambling ponderings.

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