Thursday, 12 March 2015

Blog update

I've been thinking about how I use (or, more to the point, don't use) this blog and the conclusion I've come to is that I'm just not very good at writing out pieces of any reasonable size for the rest of the world to read without a lot of fussing over the look, feel, and overall tone of the piece--to say nothing of the proof-reading to try and catch errors in grammar & usage.

And so, without further ado, the solution I've come up with is to simply stop writing.

Or, to be more accurate: to stop writing anything that feels "significant", and thus would require the effort/time investment that I'd normally plough into a work of anything greater than, say, 200 words.

So. Yes. That's what's happening.


Oh. I also changed the subtitle on the blog from "extracts from an absurd mind" to "snapshots of an absurd mind". Only a minor change, really. But I felt it better reflected the mode I was attempting to step into--shorter posts, probably more frequently, but definitely only bits/snatches of where my thought process is up to that day/hour/moment. Should be entertaining. Plus, if people are confused about something they can always, you know, ask. I hear two-way communication is all the rage these days. :^)


Double oh. I've also given up on using tags/labels. The ones I currently have are annoying me. Prolly will fix them at some point. Maybe even soon, if they keep bugging me. :v

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