Monday, 30 March 2015

the siege (part 2)

I have supplies! \o/

Wasabi peas, chocolate, grapes. Also SPAM, instant noodles, and a bottle of bloodorange juice that was on markdown. Oh, and a few breakfast shakes for tomorrow (and some energy drinks that were on special. Because, um, reasons).

The lab has been invaded by a late-night tutorial group; however, I have deployed earphones utilising the wonderful sound of a summer thunderstorm.

Silly first years.

Go back to discussing your lecture and stop asking me questions about my hat.

You can't distract me that easily.

I have wasabi peas.


First task is to cover the reading for tomorrow's HIST tute; then hash out a brief outline of the required reflection.

And then dinner.

Because actually beginning to feel hungry.

<cue Henry V,  Act 3, Scene 1>

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